iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 6s Plus – Which Phone is Better?


The iPhone 12 Pro is a new phone that is perfect for a technology addict. All of you who are complaining about the iPhone crashing constantly, then it is a simple fix since 5G isn’t quite so new yet. Go into your settings and make sure that the iPhone is on 4G, then all you have to do is turn off the data connection and your on 4G. It is simple and works great. If you have any other problems with the iPhone then follow this guide to get it fixed.

If you can pay a bit more for a phone then I would recommend the iPhone 12 Pro as it will last a long time, it is very expensive but worth every penny. Before you go out and pay an extortionate price for an iPhone, take a look at this guide to save yourself money and get the best deal possible. The iPhone 12 Pro has everything that a large company would want in a phone and it comes with a two year contract. This is a huge saving as you won’t be having to buy another iPhone when the contract has expired. Plus you get fantastic iPhone service which includes free insurance and all the usual features.

To find the best deals with the iPhone 12 Pro you need to look online. You can either search for it using Google or you can join a networking site like Facebook or twitter. Once you have joined these websites you can search on the product that you want and also search for prices online. Then you can compare the deals that are available to you and pick the best deals by checking out what each offer has to offer.

These two phones are very similar in many ways but there are differences. Apple offers a slightly bigger screen for the iPhone 12 Pro as well as many additional features. It comes with two cameras as well as the iPhone apps that allow you to view photos straight from your phone. On the other hand the iPhone 12 max has no camera so you have to use the supplied screen on the iPhone to see  iphone 12 pro  your pictures.

When comparing the iPhone 12 pro max against the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7s Plus there are a few things that stand out. The iPhone 12 pro max does have some pretty impressive camera technology including image stabilization, a larger LCD than the iPhone 6s Plus and a higher resolution. However it lacks optical zoom which the iPhone 6s Plus has. On the other hand the iPhone 12 Pro max does have a decent optical zoom and the iPhone 7s Plus has none.

The other thing that stands out is the battery life on the iPhone 12 Pro max. It lasted us for a solid day of heavy use, even with all of the applications running. It was easy to tell that the iPhone 12 Pro max would not last as long as some of the other devices so if you are looking for something to do during the day and you don’t need an external device then this is the phone for you. It does however come with a two year warranty which is great.

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