Great Ways For Building Tons Of Backlinks

One of the most important factors that influence the search engine ranking of your site is the number of backlinks you have. Almost every search engine takes the number of backlinks into account while evaluating and ranking your site in the SERPs. The number of backlinks is the most important factor for ranking well in Google. Have doubts? Just type the key phrase “click here” in Google and check the first site that shows up in the search results. It does not have the keyword “click here” in its title, nor in its description, its meta keywords and most surprisingly not even in the body of the content. Then why does it rank number one in Google out of 1,190,000,000 webpages that are there in the competition ? This is because at the time of writing this article, that very webpage has 1,150,000 backlinks pointing to it and all the links have the word “click here” as its anchor text.

In this article I’ll be sharing with you the secrets of attaining that much coveted place in the SERP through the creation of backlinks. 백링크

Ever wondered why backlinks are so very important in search engine rankings? Well, almost all the search engines, especially Google value websites that are rich in useful and informative content. And whenever a site places a link to your site, Google considers that link as a vote to your site. It feels that the other site has cast a vote in favor of your site because the content of your site is useful to its visitors. Hence, greater the number of votes, greater is the value that your site has from the search engine’s perspective. And if you are hankering for page rank, then creating backlinks is the only way to go. Backlinks help your website attain a higher search engine ranking and definitely helps to increase your page rank.

Ways to create backlinks:

Blogs – One of the best ways of creating one-way links for your site is through the posting of comments in blogs. Just include the URL of your site while posting comments in blogs and soon you will build a good many number of one-way links for your site.

Forums – Posting in forums is also an excellent way for building backlinks. But don’t post your URL directly in the discussion boards or else the spam busters would get you banned and removed from the forum. The best way to do it is through your signature. Include the URL of your site in your signature and then whenever you post a comment in the forum you will be leaving behind a link to your site along with your name.

Social Networks – Since the evolution of WEB2.0 social networking sites like Myspace, Friendster, Tagworld etc are the hottest zones on the Internet today. Millions of people visit these sites daily for making friends or for promoting their products or services. You may also register at such sites and post links to your site along with the comments that you make at your friend’s.

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